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The Flo Ghetto Gaggers Video

Ghetto Gaggers targets many A List black pornstars, but sometimes the bottom of the barrel has to be scraped to stay true to it's roots. Actually, Flo is a decent looking ghetto whore, but as you'll see once you watch the scene, her wig or weave or whatever the fuck that was on her head came off, and she ended up looking like Don King without the grey, but I digress.

Flo was a porn virgin and she thought she'd kick off her porn career by doing an interracial shoot for Ghetto Gaggers. How do you think that went? EXACTLY. There's a good chance we'll never see her naked on film again, unless it's something one of her angry ex boyfriends releases for some payback. Flo started off the scene by dropping to her knees and opening up her trap wide to swallow some white cocks. She thought she was void of a gag reflex, but Bootleg and Big Red proved that with some extra thrusts, she couldn't help but puke all over herself. It flowed out (pun intended) like a waterfall of bile and unchewed grits.

Flo let a little attitude come out here and there (along with lots of spit and vomit), but Duke Skywalker and the Ghetto Gaggers team kept her in check. Anytime she sassed, a barrage of spits, slaps and choked were applied. Once her mouth dried up and the puke stopped flowing, Bootleg and Big Red moved down south to split her black pussy open.

The crew took turns drilling her pussy while she squealed like a poked pig. It was at that moment that her wig flew off, and the shit hit the fan. From then on her final moments on the Ghetto Gaggers set were spent licking ass, getting fucked by a giant fuck toy, getting a pile of puke poured on her noggin, and receiving a cum shower from several dicks that coated her face like a glazed donut.


Flo Gets Her Weave Knocked Off Ghetto Gagger Flo Gets Fucked


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